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Instructional Hair Braiding DVD/Videos. For the beginner braider as well as the experienced braider.

Learn How to Braid Hair

Create beautiful braids with our detailed hair braiding DVDs videos. These step-by-step hair braiding instructions will have you on your way to professional braiding in as little as an hour. These are the best hair braiding videos on the market, teaching you how to create intricate styles of micro braids, twist braids, bobbed wrap braids, French braids, and cornrow braids.

  • Learn how to braid hair using extensions without slippage.
  • Learn how to braid hair without lumps or bumps.
  • Learn how to braid hair and seal the ends of the braid perfectly smooth, without ragged ends
  • You may know how to braid but would like more techniques. This is for you.

Learn how to braid hair like a professional using these easy step-by-step instructional hair braiding DVDs. Click on the image below to see the full view of demonstration. View our Gallery to see more styles.

Illustration of the Twist Braid

Adding the extension without slipping

Finger and Hand Position

Adding Cornrow Braids and keeping them close to each other

Learn how to braid step-by-step Individual braids, Micro braids, French braids, Cornrow braids, Twist braids, and Bobbed Wrap braids, by watching our step by step instructional braid videos. To order click on secure ordering or contact us.
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What you will learn from the professionally developed instructional how to braid DVDs:

  • Antoinette's professional techniques
  • Tools needed
  • Parting techniques
  • Finger and hand positioning
  • Sealing the ends smoothly
  • Care and maintenance of braids

Each how to braid hair DVD volume 1, 3, & 4 are approximately 60 mins. Volume 2 is 90 min. Each instructional hair braiding DVD video is clear with close-up visual instructional illustrations that not only show you how to braid, but teaches you step by step, the techniques of creating beautiful hair braids.

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