Braids are a great way to wear your hair in many different styles. You can do a combination style of braids and locks, or go from Big braids to micro mini braids. Hair braiding takes lots of patience.

Learn How to Braid Hair

Learning how to braid well takes a bit of trial and error, but once you have it you'll be able to do your own hair as well as create beautiful braids for other people. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to learn and with a little practice you will soon be your family's favorite hair stylist. Here at, our step by step training videos and DVDs teach you different braiding techniques in about an hour each. Browse the site for more information or to purchase our training videos.

Hair Braiding

Our videos and DVDs teach you everything you need to know from how to prepare hair for braiding to how to care for braided styles. You'll learn the proper hand and finger positioning and how to seal the ends without them looking ragged. Hair braiding is nothing short of an art form, and with a little bit of practice you can create intricate patterns on your own hair and others'.

Preparing Hair for a Braided Style

Before braiding your hair, be sure to wash it and dry it thoroughly to ensure your scalp is clean before you begin. Never braid your hair too tightly or it could cause breakage--as well as headaches.

It's also important to oil your hair regularly throughout the time you wear your braids. Wash them with a moisturizing shampoo once or twice a week to keep them clean and conditioned. A good hair care routine will keep them looking freshly braided for weeks.

Learn hair braiding from the pros with easy step-by-step hair braiding instruction from We offer the best instructional videos on the market that will teach you how to create micro braids, twist braids, bobbed wrap braids, and French braids. You'll be on your way to braiding like a professional in no time!

Braiding Hair

Create beautiful braids with our detailed hair braiding DVDs and videos. Step by step braiding instructions will have you on your way to professional braiding in as little as an hour. These are the best hair braiding videos on the market, teaching you how to create intricate styles of micro braids, twist braids, bobbed wrap braids, and French braids.

Endless Style Possibilities

Braids offer limitless styling possibilities and patterns in your hair. They last for two to three months with little maintenance and don't require damaging chemicals. All you need to do to maintain them is to wash your hair once or twice a week to keep them clean and moisturized.

To protect your hair from damage, avoid micro mini braids if your hair is brittle. If you have a sensitive scalp, be careful while twisting the braids into different styles. Braiding too tightly can damage your scalp and hair. Learn all these techniques and more with our step by step instructional videos!

If you choose to microbraid,you can use either human hair extensions or 100% Kenekalon synthetic hair. Healthy hair for braiding starts with a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Also, be sure to condition and moisturize your hair often with a light hair oil.
Affordable Braiding Instruction
If you are looking for more tips like this, you will benefit from our instructional hair braiding videos. Whether you're just starting out or you're a professional looking to further your education, at our videos offer helpful lessons. You'll learn how to do micro braids from the pros, as well as French braids, cornrows, twist braids and bobbed wrap braids. Once you have learned from the pros, you'll be creating intricate micro braid designs on all your friends. Learn how to create micro braids with our easy and comprehensive videos and you'll have the most fashionable natural style around.
How To Braid Hair

Learning how to braid your hair is one of the best things you can do for your personal style--and your hair's health. Braids offer endless style possibilities. You can even go for a sophisticated celebrity look with colored, synthetic extensions.

At, we offer step by step instructional videos that teach you the art of braiding, right in your own home. Each video lasts about an hour and will have you using the right hand positions, braiding techniques, preparation and after care to keep your hair in great shape. In no time, you'll be creating professional looking braids on yourself and others.

Why Braids Are So Popular
Braids are perfect for hair that's transitioning from relaxed to natural or for people looking for creative styles of braids that can last for some time without combing the hair every day.

Close-up visuals from a professional braider make our videos stand out in the marketplace. If you want to learn how to braid smoothly and evenly without lumps or bumps and while providing the best hair care possible, purchase our videos. The right tools and techniques make all the difference, beginning with the easiest and most effective method of learning how to braid hair.